Dice - d2/3/4 MultiDice

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Color: Blue

Many people are familiar with four-sided dice (caltrops) and the fact that they don't roll very well due to the small number of sides. The situation is even worse for three-sided dice, since there are no polyhedra with only three sides. In order to decide between two choices, most people will flip a coin, but wouldn't it be nice if you could use the more satisfying motion of rolling a die?

These unique dice solve all of these problems by numbering a modified rhombic dodecahedron to allow it to be read as a d2 (1 or 2), d3 (1-3), or d4 (1-4).

Reading the d2/3/4 MultiDie

The photo shows the top view of the die, in one of twelve possible orientations. The middle number is used to read the d3 value, the number set in a triangle the d4 value (think of a traditional d4), and the number set in a circle the d2 value (think of flipping a coin). 

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Color: Blue