Dice - Quality Six Sided Dot Dice - D6

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Colour: Blue with white spots
Size: 14mm

6-sided dot dice - available in 2 sizes. D6. 

  • Use in schools and at home in educational settings.
  • Great for RPG and other gaming.
  • UK Made with high levels of Quality Control. 
  • Buy single die: order values under £3 postage are free in the UK.

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Buy in our Special Multipacks, designed for schools and RPG gatherings and save even more! 

Other D6s Available:

  • Digit DIce
  • Skew D6 Dot
  • Skew D6 Number
  • Optidie D6
  • Specialist D6s - Binary, Roman Numerals and many more.
    Colour: Blue with white spots
    Size: 14mm