DIME Algebra through Geometry Masters

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The DIME packs by Geoff Giles and team, provided teachers with innovative manipulatives to encourage mathematical thinking for many years. Tarquin no longer has foam sets left (unless stated), but the resources can be used with card or laser cut foam.  

Algebra through Geometry

This classic pack is now available as a PDF within Adobe Digital Editions.

The introduction describes its purpose:

"Beginning algebra has always caused trouble for the conscientious teacher. lf we merely
wanted children to be able to produce correct answers our task would be easy, but quite
different. We would just train them to respond to different stimuli with different response patterns. Old-style algebra texts (and old-style teaching methods) were very effective in rote learning/or biddable children who did what they were told.

But being concerned with 'education' rather than just 'training', we can no longer be happy to leave children thinking that they will never understand mathematics, and that the most they are capable of doing is remembering what to do and how to do it.

The approach to algebra taken in this book assumes the child is an active learner, capable of both being interested, and of understanding. Designed to involve the student in the learning, it builds on those qualities that tum a human being into a person.

Interesting and attractive tasks are chosen, with care being taken in their presentation. The general aim is to help them to feel comfortable using algebraic methods.

While the problems in teaching algebra will not all be solved, favourable reactions of
teachers to this approach suggest that it can play an important and significant role in making mathematics more meaningful."

5 Stages of Work are presented:

1. Investigations
2. The Areas of the TakTiles
3. Doing without the Grid
4. Using Three Units
5. Using Algebra in Geometry