DIME Build Up Project Pack

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The DIME packs by Geoff Giles and team, provided teachers with innovative manipulatives to encourage mathematical thinking for many years. Tarquin no longer has foam sets left (unless stated), but the resources can be used with card or laser cut foam.  

Build-Up Project Pack

This classic pack is now available as a PDF within Adobe Digital Editions.

This project in its time was a major development in the teaching and improving of 3-D visualisation skills. It is based on practical activity in a problem-solving setting and leads the children swiftly from simple shape-fitting tasks to building a wide range of solids
shown in isometric picture views.

With the appropriate brightly coloured foam Solids to hand, each child works through a series of booklets. The foam solids are no longer made, but can be made using a laser cutter - specifications for the solids to be made are included (to be made in the unit size you prefer). Each task requires the child to make a 3-D shape from a given diagram. Since the 3-D shape exists on the desk, it is easy for all to see whether or not the correct solution has been found.

The later booklets provide problems that most would find testing, but thanks to the systematic approach, spatial skills are steadily improved. Very few words are used.

Contents of The Build-Up Project Pack:

  • Build-Up Book 1 - Fill the shape
  • Build-Up Book 2 - Add a cube or two
  • Build-Up Book 3 - Two blocks
  • Build-Up Book 4 - More than two blocks
  • Build-Up Book 5 - Build and balance
  • Wedges 1 and Wedges 2
  • Teacher’s Guide Booklet
  • One sheet of Dotty Paper

Supplied as an EBook.