DIME Pre-Algebra Project Pack

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The DIME packs by Geoff Giles and team, provided teachers with innovative manipulatives to encourage mathematical thinking for many years. Tarquin no longer has foam sets left (unless stated), but the resources can be used with card or laser cut foam.  

Pre-Algebra Project

This classic pack is now available as a PDF within Adobe Digital Editions.

The contents describe it well: 

Number Mappings:
1. Number Machines
2. Further Mappings
Machine Programming is introduced using the convention of the number machine and this provides an initial approach to the use of algebraic notation. Book 2 introduces graphs through the concept of linear mappings.

1. Flags
2. Patterns and Notations
An easy introduction to basic numerical operations and their inverses leading on to simple algebra.

Number Patterns:
1. Single Mappings
2. Further Mappings
These booklets provide simple geometrical situations from which pupils derive numerical mappings ·and express them using algebraic notation.

Pre-Algebra Worksheets

Quadratic Mappings