Geometric Patterns from Roman Mosaics

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Format: Book

Roman geometric patterns radiate symmetry and order. Drawing the patterns is not just a question of mechanically copying the work of someone else square by square, but of understanding the underlying structure. The patterns are built up from simple elements which seem to ‘grow’ and develop in an almost organic or living way.

This book is arranged as a series of drawing exercises. There is no better way of appreciating the skill and imagination of those artists than by drawing their designs yourself. To ‘feel’ how a cross ‘grows’ into a swastika pattern which then ‘grows’ into a complex interlocking design is something which can only be experienced at first hand.

This second edition incorporates the same “drawing led” approach to learning about the subject and as such is invaluable in using the designs for contemporary mosaic, or pattern, design. New photographs and updated text strengthen this approach further. Ideal for schools, shops in or near Roman remains, and historical and art/design sections of shops.

Format: Book