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Explaining Dyscalculia and Overcoming Number Problems for Children and Adults

“This book will help to raise the profile of dyscalculia, and should be required reading for all sufferers, all parents of sufferers, and all teachers, not to mention ministers and officials in the Department for Education.” Professor Brian Butterworth, Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychology, University College, London

• This book explains dyscalculia — but for the first time from the perspective of a sufferer.

• It is estimated up to 5% of the population suffers from the condition

• Often humorous, sufferers and their carers will find it a relief and a joy to share experiences and learn more about how to cope.

Prof Moorcraft is an award-winning novelist and author of numerous non-fiction books.

He has taught in UK schools, colleges as well as 10 major universities around the world. But his greatest experience for writing this book is that he is an acute sufferer. 

Format: Book