Let's Get Coding

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Getting appropriate coding projects for different platforms is difficult - and creating them is very time consuming. But for teachers, parents and club leaders the challenge is the same - get children comfortable with coding, because they need to for their future.

What you want is Inspiring Projects for EASY coding in the program of your (or your child's) choice: you can use the same project to learn Snap!, SCRATCH or Python. Or all of them! 

Excitingly. this book contains TWENTY projects! Each one follows a 4 page pattern:

Page 1: A brief introduction to the coding project.

Page 2: The block coding for SCRATCH (or SNAP!)

Page 3: The Python code page (based on same project).

Page 4: Hack your own code (with easy options).

At home the purchase of a raspberry pi will enable all of these programs to run without any installation as SCRATCH and PYTHON is available on all versions of the micro computer. SNAP! is best suited for larger laptops or desktop computers and is almost identical to SCRATCH, but it has an advantage of being a very good alternative for laptop or desktops. It's also entirely cloud based, so no installation required. PYTHON requires an IDE to work. The one we use is called THONNY (which is also installed on the raspberry pi micro computer). Available for Mac/PC and Linux.

All projects have LIVE web coded links to code for schools or home use!

Extending knowledge of platforms can seem daunting. The author has extensive experience teaching (and playing) and has made these programs 'cross-platform' and has used standard SCRATCH 'blocks' and Python code that can be used on any (Mac/PC/Linux) computer with Python 3. Each page is self-contained, with notes followed by a Python example.

Too many projects are dull and don't appeal to the range of children's interests.

With Let's Get Coding, everyone really will GET CODING

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Format: Book