Mathematical Treasure Hunts

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Format: Book

Enjoyable activities to enhance the curriculum

Most people have taken part in treasure hunts of various kinds in different social contexts. What perhaps is not generally realised is just how easy and rewarding they can be to include within the mathematics curriculum. They can add variety to lessons, end of term activities, maths clubs, parent evenings or open days.

Once the principles of organising them are understood, they can be adapted easily to the circumstances. In the book there are six complete treasure hunts, four ready to photocopy directly and suggestions, ideas and templates for many more - and they are adaptable for other subjects too!

The six Treasure Hunts provided are for ages 10-14, with lower attainment groups older than that also finding them a fun way to revise and reinforce.

This book is also in Tarquin Select packages  with 100s of other resources for a small fee. 

Format: Book