Mathematics with Friends

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Mathematics, like everything else, needs rooting in everyday life. Understanding follows quickly from solving real-world problems that readers of any age can relate to.

Here's a novel way to get to that point of understanding!

Using Ioanna Georgiou and Asuka Young's combination of witty writing and illustration, we introduce a fictional set of characters and some of the comic ideas of the long-running series "Friends". Samples of these are in our Blogs which if you haven't already seen them, you can access below.  

These blogs will run for 12 months or so and then be published with many other topics in this book - Mathematics with Friends in summer 2025

Book Contents will include full colour text on a topics such as...

  • The unimportance of data          
  • Rounding from nothing 
  • Division difficulties         
  • Estimation is not good enough  
  • Is this right enough?      
  • Being on time   
  • Café combinatorics        
  • Budgeting for jam and shoes      
  • Age problems   
  • Bad Numerology
  • Counting colours
  • Multiples of gym
  • No Addition      
  • Salary for a Porsche
  • Lounge Locus    
  • Direction of numbers    
  • Splitting (cheese) cakes
  • Lost time and multiples of half
  • Squiggly numerals
  • Calendar maths
  • Why horizontal?
  • Tan decisions    
  • Birthday videos
  • Probabilities against
  • Order of size     
  • First counting   
  • Discount logic   
  • Time not on clock

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Written by Ioanna Georgiou

Ioanna (possible pronunciation Yo-Anna) is a mathematics educator who finds story telling a fascinating way to communicate mathematical ideas from the times they were emerging. Turning to stories of the past, with lively characters full of resilience and determination gives a rather comprehensive glimpse of what maths has been doing for us possibly ever since early humans started counting. Ioanna has been using these ideas in her teaching, masterclasses and workshops. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, a Chartered Mathematics Teacher and of course author of “Mathematical Adventures" and "Peculiar Deaths of Famous Mathematicians"!

She subsequently conducted research in Teaching Mathematics through History and Culture and earned an MPhil in Education. Her special interest around the use of history and cultural practices in the mathematics teaching continued and she has been delivering masterclasses and workshops on stories from mathematics for the Royal Institution of Great Britain and also independently. This is her attempt to put some of the stories in a book and hopefully get lots of people excited about how mathematics has been changing over the years.

Illustrated by Asuka Young

Asuka (pronounced As-ka) is an illustrator practicing in the field of cartoons and Comic book art, fascinated by the impact and clarity that imagery can provide to a story. She graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University in 2018 with a 1st honours degree in BA Applied Art. She then worked as the illustrator for Ioanna's previous books: ‘Mathematical Adventures!’ and 'Peculiar Deaths of Famous Mathematicians', and has artistically contributed to the marketing promotion of various other events. Asuka is thrilled to be able to bring Ioanna’s passion for maths and her mathematical stories to life using lively and fun characters.

Format: Book