Maths Trumps - Darts

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Learn, revise and have fun
Maths Trumps Darts is perfect for teachers and for parents wishing to make learning a fun activity rather than a rote activity. Beautifully designed and written, they can be used over around 8 years old.

This pack aims to provide players with problem-solving skills - including missing number problems including multiplication and division. Using informal pencil and paper methods to support and explain more complex addition and subtraction (2 and 3 digits).
Examples of how this works can be seen with the pictured samples of Explanation, Question and Answer cards.
Here's how you play:
  • Each pack starts with Useful Facts cards 
  • Players share game cards out
  • Then they try to trump each other
  • Making calculations on paper are encouraged
  • Bonus questions add depth and meaning to topics
  • The winner succeeds by collecting all the cards
  • See the sample Explanation, Question and Answer cards images for more.
Like the best card games, they are ideal for small group use - groups of students, or a family. But they can also be used in solitaire games to revise, or to reinforce. See how here.

"a motivating, educational experience for children to engage in mathematical thinking as well as supporting the development of important positive attitudes and enjoyment of maths." Luke Rolls, Review, Primary Mathematics
"Maths Trumps Cards just received and I am very impressed by the quality of this resource & Paul Hunt is to be congratulated." GB 

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Curriculum Links:
The topic addressed in this pack meets all of the relevant leading objectives, as set out in the KS2/KS3 National Curriculum (Ages 8-14). The bonus content promotes deeper learning and explores wider concepts, giving more experienced players exposure to the higher echelons of the mathematics curriculum.