Multipack Dice - Digit Dice for use with Operations Dice

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Title: 1-6

Getting children engaged with basic arithmetic can be difficult. Drilling on paper or orally is necessary, but for some it will turn them off completely. For others it will become boring all too soon.

That's why using dice helps.

These sets of 12 dice comprise either 1-6 or 7-12 to allow you to build simple equations or operations practice with Tarquin's Operations Dice.

  • Gamify your practice
  • Speed up addition and subtraction skills 
  • Race through multiplication and division sums 
  • Mix and match to test mental speed and technique
  • Set comes in a reasealable bag.

Not being up to speed with mental mathematics stores up trouble for later on. Get those brains humming by play! 

    Buy in single die here, designed for schools and save even more! 

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