Paper Polyhedra in Colour

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A classic collection of models to make 

Start by making the Platonic Solids. These are the five fundamental regular polyhedra which lie at the heart of all three-dimensional geometry. In addition there is an information board which explains about them.

Then continue by making the other ten models, each of which is related to at least one and sometimes several of the Platonic Solids. Some are true regular polyhedra whilst others are developed from them:

  1. Pentagram Polyhedron
  2. Two tetrahedra within a cube
  3. Spiky Cuboctahedron
  4. Edge Dodecahedron
  5. Polycube
  6. Edge Cuboctahedron
  7. Sparred Cuboctahedron
  8. Intersecting Cube & Octahedron
  9. Truncated Tetrahedron
  10. Edge Octahedron

All the models show a very high degree of symmetry and harmony. The colours and shades often indicate surfaces which are parallel and help to draw attention to other geometrical relationships within the model.

To introduce each of the models, there is a two-sided card which draws attention to some of its features. Cut them out and keep them with your collection.

Availability: PreOrder