Paper Automata

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Four Working Models to Cut Out and Glue Together 

Automata have a long and colourful history. But what are they and how do they work?

A bravura display of imagination by Rob Ives has produced this delightful collection of working automata to cut out and make. Each of the mechanisms uses a different principle to generate motion - make them and you will have a great start to understanding automata.

As you operate the mechanisms: 

  • the Hopping Sheep hop energetically and
  • the Pecking Hen pecks keenly into its feeder
  • the Motley Man bows and acknowledges the applause he has earned and while 
  • the Flying Fish does not actually fly, but flap its wings and undulates delightfully.

This book is of special interest to those who like to see what remarkable things can be achieved with paper. Extend the fun with the sister books Walking Automata and Automata Too (see links below).

VERY SATISFYING CARDBOARD ENGINEERING I bought this book some time ago, and I've just completed the most complex project 'The Hopping Sheep'. Cutting out with a scalpel, gluing with a water-based adhesive and noting the design features were very therapeutic. The moving parts add the greatest interest. The instructions are well set-out, and the colour-coding and unique numbering of attached pieces are most helpful and logical. REVIEW BY MIKES / (POSTED ON 29/12/2022)