The Fifteen Pentagonal Tessellations of the 2D Plane

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Monohedral convex pentagonal tilings

There can be no finer way to appreciate the wonder of geometry than to look and to see. Beautiful design and fine printing help us do that.

There are only 15 possible pentagons that will tile the plane. This book shows the 15 tiles, in elegant colours, with explanatory material and notes about their discovery. 

It is the first in the Finite Series: a collectable series of gorgeously-designed and produced volumes about geometry and related subjects. Designed and written by Julie Peasley of PointLinePlane and coming in June.

Desirable, collectible, collectable, lovely. A perfect gift for anyone who loves mathematics, geometry or design - including, of course, yourself. 

Coming later in 2024:

Johnson Solids


Frieze Groups

8 more titles planned for 2025-2026: details coming soon.

Format: Pre-publication offer