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Format: Book - Paperback

Mathematical Models from Paper Sections 

Sliceform modelling is a technique which lies happily on the borders between art and mathematics. With steady cutting skills it can be undertaken by children and adults alike.

The models are made from intersecting sets of parallel planes which slot together in a clever way to generate interesting three-dimensional surfaces. In the fully open position the planes are at right angles and the surfaces are correctly defined, but all the models fold flat in two different ways, making them easy to store until they are wanted next time.

When popped up, the play of light and shade on the planes creates objects of great beauty.

The book includes a varied collection of eight models to cut out and make and a detailed explanation of how to generate the slices for models of your own. A poster of the models in the book is also available here.

For a more detailed explanation of the mathematics involved, see John Sharp's Surfaces: Explorations with Surfaces.

Format: Book - Paperback