Spot On With Numbers Games Pack - A Collection of 12 Maths Games

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‘A highly appropriate product to help develop early numeracy skills and understanding’ (Steve Chinn). 

A selection of 12 fun games designed with the latest research to develop children's number skills and mathematical thinking.
The tactile resources give children an opportunity to explore numbers creatively through play, helping them visualise number facts and giving them confidence in working flexibly with numbers.
The games are all explained in the booklet and everything required is in the pack. 10 of the games require 2 players and the other 2 games are creative games that children can work on independently. The games progress in difficulty and are suitable from age 4+, with the final game suitable for age 8 upwards.
Play as often as you wish, but with each game lasting about 10 minutes, it's a great quick opportunity to practice maths in a fun way that you child will enjoy doing. It has been said that games are to Mathematics as reading is to English, so here's a perfect chance to inspire a love for maths and confidence with numbers.
The pack includes: 12 games explained in an instructions booklet - everything you need to play the games (game sheets for 6 of the games, counters, dice, a black box and sticky note pad) - ten 4x4cm wooden blocks and approx 250 pegs (in a range of 10 colours).