Spot On With Numbers - Number Bonds Pack

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‘A highly appropriate product to help develop early numeracy skills and understanding’ (Steve Chinn). 

 Watch the video about this new tool HERESee the article about using Spot On HERE from the Mathematical Association's Primary Maths.

Spot On is a new system for developing Number Sense developed in the UK by a teacher and designed with the NCETM’s big 5 ideas for Mastery in mind. Some of its greatest strengths as a concrete and pictorial learning tool are that Spot On:
  • Links to the fingers as well as other familiar dot patterns
  • Highlights the links between numbers
  • Displays numbers in a highly visual format
  • Encourages children to subitise & not rely on enumerating, but on number facts
  • Gives children the opportunity to explore the fascinating patterns in numbers
  • Enables children to physically partition manipulate numbers
  • Allows children to discover and make sense of number through play.
This Number Bonds Pack is a complete concrete-pictorial-abstract resource for teaching number bonds packed in an A4 box.  

It includes a Number Bonds Guide filled with clearly illustrated, colour activities that are child led, progress in small steps and provide children with a deep understanding of early number facts. The activities can be used in KS1 with the whole class, in small intervention groups or at home. They support teaching for mastery and aid in developing fluency, communication, reasoning and problem solving skills. The pack can be used to promote multiple representations, it encourages children to see patterns, make connections, subitise and visualise numbers.

All resources required for the activities and games are included:
  • a box of approx 250 pegs and 10 boards 
  • a set of 13 Transparent Spot On Cards
  • a Visuals set: Number Line 0-10 and 11-20, 21 Spot On Cards and 23 Number Cards
  • dice.