The Fractal Activity Book

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Nature’s repeating patterns, fractals, are beautiful and universal.

The activities presented in this lovely companion book to The Fractal Model Book are designed to be enjoyed by students of mathematics or art.

Working through the activities yields beauty at the same time as mathematical truths. Activities include: 

  • iterations,
  • proportion and rules,
  • nature’s fractals,
  • fractals & symmetry,
  • fractal triangles,
  • Sierpinski’s triangles,
  • Koch snowflakes,
  • Appolonian fractals,
  • nested fractals,
  • square fractals,
  • H Fractals,
  • tiling,
  • circle fractals and
  • many more.

    Each activity is introduced in plain English and can be done in any order.

    Book: Prepublication Offer