The Great Dodecahedron Poster

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Material: Paper

The paper version of this remarkable poster provides an amazing amount of activities - many lessons of discussion, activity and challenge from one simple poster. The poster comes with 4 A5 pages of notes for the challenges. Make your geometry lessons really come alive! Choose laminated on the dropdown for extra durability.

Here are a couple to do yourself looking at the image online - but don't forget that the colours are deliberately chosen on the printed version to facilitate the learning activities and this works uniquely well with the poster in its full printed size (just under A1).

Challenge 1:
Look at the poster.
Close your eyes.
Now look again.
Do you see the same thing?

Challenge 2:
Close your eyes again.
Describe what you see.
Did you see triangles or triangular based pyramids?
Were they sticking out or dropping in?
Did you see stars, or perhaps cubes?
Did you see pentagons?
Did you see hexagons?

There are 13 challenges in all - enough to get discussion going, and sustain it - sometimes for up to 3 lessons.

Produced by the Leapfrogs group many years ago, Tarquin has been asked for it to be reprinted by many leading advisers and organisations worldwide.

Large format poster (800 x 600mm) on thick paper - also available encapsulated for longer life.

Material: Paper