The More Interesting Book of Puzzling Science + Maths

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Not a bit like a typical puzzle book!

For an enquiring mind, with an interest in science and mathematics, here is a treasure trove of delights from Philip Searle and son. Puzzles developed by enquiring children and adults for people like them.

Not focusing on either science and mathematics gives the elbow room to look at things that curricula don’t cover. Some of the more than 75 puzzles in this wonderful book will be familiar friends, here presented in a lively fresh way for new readers. Many others will be new - there are hours of challenging fun to be had for anybody.

Here are a few examples: 

  • What is the Mpemba effect?
  •  Discover the Carpet Fitter’s Problem
  •  Why are Roman clocks wrong?
  •  What is the ratio of the Earth to the Moon?
  •  How many times can you fold a piece of paper?
  •  How much would you ‘weigh’ in Space?

A perfect present for any young person interested in the world - aged 8 years and up - and there is much for anyone of any age!

Ideal also for teachers and parents wanting to engage students less interested than they might be in these fascinating topics.

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Format: Book