The Multiplication Tables Colouring Book

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16 activities to stretch and engage when learning tables 
"Perfect! Our going-on-7 year old daughter loves this - it's really helped her engage with learning her times tables. It's not a substitute for repetition and cross-examining her at every possible opportunity (with suitable rewards of course), but it's a really fun way to get her started learning each table." Parent, 5 star Review on Amazon
"All my maths students have really enjoyed both volumes of The multiplication puzzle hidden picture colouring books. They are excited to see what the hidden picture will reveal. Great book for tables practice." Teacher, 5 star Amazon Review

With this key stage requiring consolidation and development of number skills, and introduction of new concepts, it's important that consolidation activities are enjoyable and not dull. So how does the book work?

On every page there are diagrams made up of small numbered areas. If that number will divide by the number being studied, then the area has to be coloured. When all the target areas of a particular puzzle are coloured, then the hidden picture is revealed. There are also other charts and hundred squares to colour and the book is then rounded off with a target test to confirm the progress being made. Puzzles for tables 2-12, combinations of 3/5, 4,7, 8,9 and 6/10/11 and a bonus on primes.

Finding tried and tested ways of teaching and learning that are fun is hard and takes time. Tarquin has over 50 years experience of providing enrichment activities to teachers, students and parents. This book has sold over 100,000 copies and rising fast! 

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Format: Book