The Number Detective

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Format: Book

100 Number Puzzles to Test Your Logical Thinking

This is an intriguing and original puzzle book where unknown numbers have to be identified by a series of cryptic clues. Logical thinking and systematic detective work is required and these puzzles offer a fine way to reinforce the meaning of mathematical words and to investigate and appreciate the ever fascinating properties of numbers.

Hidden Numbers, Detective Skills, Clues, Logical Thinking ...

The answers to all the puzzles in this book are hidden numbers and detective skills are needed to find out what they must be. Each puzzle is liber­ally sprinkled with clues and you can enjoy all the benefits and delights of logical thinking as you work them out! While trial and error has its part to play, especially when starting with a new puzzle, the greatest satisfaction comes from using the properties of numbers to avoid unnecessary computation and to jump to the answer in an elegant way. Just like a skilful detective! A glossary of mathematical words and appendices of numbers are provided.

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Format: Book