Venture Mathematics Worksheets Book G - Geometry

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Format: Book

Engaging a class with higher ability students in can be tough. So how do you motivate everyone, without spending time you don't have? The best students - just like the weakest - need challenging.

So how can this book help you meet the needs of a range of achievers?

    • Breadth and increasingly open questions characterise these worksheets
    • Classes can be set (say) 10 questions, knowing able students will race on
    • Open questions toward the end challenge and stimulate mathematical thinking
    • Contents cover a range of topics from decimals, through to solving cubics

We've all been in classes where able students become disruptive.

The author spent many years teaching at a selective school with the constant challenge of including the most able pupils, whilst at the same time avoiding the danger of excluding the rest of a class.

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Format: Book