Venture Mathematics Worksheets Book S & X - Statistics and EXtra Investigations

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The author spent many years teaching at a selective school with the constant challenge of including the most able pupils, whilst at the same time avoiding the danger of excluding the rest of a class. These worksheets are the result: many of them include fairly routine work, but most have more difficult questions to provide a challenge for the really able. The answer sections provide guidance on these difficult questions.

Book SX topics covered include:

  • Early probability and data handling;
  • Probability taken further;
  • Looking at data;
  • Possibilities and probabilities;
  • Modulus arithmetic;
  • Triangular numbers;
  • Half pint mugs;
  • Areas and lattice points;
  • Production and Marketing;
  • Matrices;
  • Strange rollers;
  • Drilled and painted cubes.

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Format: Book