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Blog: Clock This - Mathematical Time!

Blog: Clock This - Mathematical Time!

Clocks that are taking the world by storm! 

We are always looking for well-executed, original ideas for our customers and here's an idea that appealed to us wholeheartedly. A home or classroom clock is an object to be viewed mostly either in desperation (where did that time go?) or in exasperation (why won't that minute hand move faster?) So we loved the idea that we could make that experience a cause for wonder!

Ideas in Time have created many wonderful clocks that focus the mind on the mathematics of time and space. Perfect as gifts for mathematicians and nerds generally, as centrepieces of their place of work or as a very personal reminder of the wonders of the universe!

The Fibonacci Clock  

The clock works by combining a spiral arm, designed using a Golden Ratio rectangle or a rectangle   comprising contiguous squares whose sides are Fibonacci numbers (i.e. the same thing). That natural perfection is combined with a simple expanding number series that tell the hours: the distances calculated exactly using the 12th root of the spiral turn. Watching the minutes move will never be the same again.

To sum up - it's a spiral made from Fibonacci numbers that marks the hours - the minutes work normally with the central small hand. 

It's a clock that has recently got viral fame: see it working in this TikTok video for example - with over 3 million views at the time of writing. 


It's now got a partner too: a classy, golden (of course) Golden Ratio variant!

See more here 

The Hyperbola Clock 

The intersection of the angled arm and the numbers marked on the two hyperbolic curves indicates the hour. The pointed hand beneath the X shows the minutes. There are four "Cardinal half-hour positions as the arm moves around to specific points. The base of the clock can be considered as a normal analogue clock if viewed from above...with the angled arm moving a manner that fascinates! Unique and attractive.

If you want to see how the Hyperbola Clock moves - contact and we will send you a gif file!


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