1066 - A Big Story for Little Historians: Teacher's Book

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Format: Teacher's Book

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History - or should we say Hi-story? - is a great way to involve, excite and fire the imaginations of all children. Based on facts, the non-fiction oriented will love them. But so will every child who loves stories. In that familiar form, imagination is still key, especially linking the verbal and visual imagination. The Big Stories for Little Historians series builds on this situation combining the stories of history simply and elegantly told with larger than life illustrations like this one of William landing at Pevensey Bay.

The 1066 book is a wonderful book about a different time - almost like a different world even though the story is about England. Read about the Vikings, the Saxons and the Normans battling it out for the future of England! Readers are invited to check out the soldiers, the rival Kings and the different ways of life. To imagine themselves in the battles and which side would they be on?  For more details on the picture book see here - discounted classroom sets are available on this page and on the linked page.

Teacher Book 

To use the 1066 book and its narrative approach to make the topic as exciting as possible, we also present a Teacher book that:

  • Is structured in 6 mini topics
  • Has worksheets and activities for KS1 and KS2
  • Provides extensive cross-curriculum links to embed the topics into school life 

Price includes paper book and ebook version for ease of printing. 


Each Mini Topic contains Teacher Expert Knowledge, and Suggested History Activities, plus worksheets for history, spelling and for other cross curricula links, for KS1 and KS2.

Mini Topic 1: Living in Anglo-Saxon England
6 Worksheets plus 4 Cross Curriculum - Maths

Mini Topic 2 - The Contenders
7 Worksheets plus 4 Cross Curriculum - RSE

Mini Topic 3 - Comet and Battle
6 Worksheets plus 4 Cross Curriculum - Science

Mini Topic 4 - Stamford Bridge
6 Worksheets plus 4 Cross Curriculum - Geography

Mini Topic 5 - The Battle of Hastings
History Activities Resources - Reenactment 

Mini Topic 6 - After the Battle
6 Worksheets plus 2 Cross Curriculum Creative - Any Age

Places and Websites to Visit & Video Resources for Teachers 

    Format: Teacher's Book