Trade - Titles Distributed by Tarquin

This selection is products distributed by Tarquin, and posters from Tarquin, and attract slightly reduced discount terms.  These books make great gifts - and hundreds of thousands of them have been sold in a huge variety of shops:

  • Bookshops
  • Museum and Gallery Shops
  • Art and Craft Shops
  • Science Museums
  • Education Stores
  • and many specialist outlets too.

These sub-selections may help too:

- Trade Items Published by Tarquin - full terms 

Papercraft Selection

- Mathematics Selection

- Selection for Children up to 7

- Selection for 7-12 

Returns are accepted up to 12 months if stock is in saleable condition. 

To order, there are a number of options. You can build an order online and place the order on the website, marking it to be invoiced. The total of the order will show as gross. We will then invoice it at trade terms line-by-line. 

Alternatively contact us for an order form in Excel or as a PDF, tailored to your agreed terms. Email to get that started.

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Out of stock items: we are constantly monitoring our stock levels. Where an item is listed as out of stock, look for the Back in Stock options. Usually you can choose between getting an email alert when an item is back in stock, or buying now at a discount, so that you do not have to duplicate postage costs.